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Tapit Social Facebook Interview with Nicole Price

Nicole PriceHi! So excited to be here with TapIt Social!
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    • TapIt Social Well Hello Nicole, how are things in Chicago today?36 minutes ago · Like
    • Nicole Price Today is a beautiful summer day in Chi-town! We are all outside and loving it.36 minutes ago · Unlike ·   1 person
    • TapIt Social So did you sit outside for lunch today, if so, where did you go?35 minutes ago · Like
    • Nicole Price Today I had lunch with the always charming Greg Carlson, Director of Operations at the Westin River North.33 minutes ago · Unlike ·  1 person
    • TapIt Social Fun! Where are some of your favorite spots in Chicago for lunch or after work drinks, dinner?31 minutes ago · Like
    • Nicole Price Oh, that is a tough question! Do you know that we have over 5500 restaurants in this magnificent city? So it all depends on my mood that day. Some of my current favorites include Cafe Iberico for tapas; La Scarola for Italian; Carnival for Latin; and Girl and the Goat for eclectic, fun American.28 minutes ago · Like
    • TapIt Social Awesome, those are great options. Thanks. So we see that you have events in Chicago, and we happen to be going to your event on Tuesday July 12th. Tell us more about Around Chicago Live26 minutes ago · Like
    • Nicole Price I can’t wait to welcome you to Around ChicagoLIVE! We bring together about 75 great professionals in Chicago’s events, hospitality and business communities. It is a friendly, inclusive crowd of professionals all looking to mingle with other great people.24 minutes ago · Like
    • TapIt Social Where is your next event at?22 minutes ago · Like
    • Nicole Price The next Around Chicago LIVE! will be at Roy’s Restaurant on July 12th. They have put together a fantastic food and drink menu for us, and we are thrilled to be going there.19 minutes ago · Unlike ·   1 person
    • TapIt Social This will be a great night for people to #Tapin on our app. We are excited to show you TapIt Social live, just like Around Chicago Live :)18 minutes ago · Like ·  1 person
    • Nicole Price TapIt is the perfect partner for us as we also live to bring people together and create great connections. We are looking forward to a great relationship.15 minutes ago · Like
    • TapIt Social We just liked the Roy’s Restaurant Page and Can’t wait to network with you and your friends.15 minutes ago · Like ·   1 person
    • TapIt Social We know you have to get back to work. Thanks so much for talking with us today and see you in Chicago!14 minutes ago · Like ·  1 person
    • TapIt Social Follow Nicole on Twitter @nikarounchi13 minutes ago · Like ·   1 person
    • Nicole Price See you in Chicago! Have a great 4th!12 minutes ago · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Nicole Price And thank YOU for talking with me and being part of Around Chicago LIVE!12 minutes ago · Unlike ·   1 person
    • TapIt Social Our pleasure! Is there a link for people to get a ticket?11 minutes ago · Like
    • Nicole Price Please visit http://aroundchicagoevents .eventbrite.com/ and be ready to #Tapin with us on July 12th!5 minutes ago · Unlike ·  1 person
    • TapIt Social Can’t wait! Have you Tapped In yet?3 minutes ago · Like
    • Nicole Price You know it!! NikAroundChi!about a minute ago · Unlike ·   1 person
    • TapIt Social Sweet!! Love it!!!28 seconds ago · Like
    • TapIt Social Tap In With You Later! Have a great day and holiday weekend!